Luxury Apartments

Go to bed & wake up in the very heart of Thessaloniki!
Thessaloniki is our city. It is an accessible, pleasant and affordable destination for everyone - and we would like to share it with you by hosting you at our rented apartments in the centre of Thessaloniki.
Luxury Apartments Aristotelous are situated in the very centre of the city, the popular Aristotelous Square. This is where the heart of the 2nd largest city in Greece beats. This is where locals and tourists encounter each other, go shopping, set appointments for walks and excursions, and enjoy the sun, sounds and rhythms of a city that never sleeps. Our 5 apartments are fully equipped, bright, aesthetically decorated, functional and autonomous. They are ideal for a business trip, a short break from everyday life, for couples and friends, for families, even for students who wish to spend a few days in Thessaloniki. Almost all our apartments have their own balcony with a view of the sea and waterfront, which lies just 200 metres away.
Choosing Luxury Apartments Aristotelous will make your stay in Thessaloniki even more memorable and we will always be there, in person, from “hello” to “goodbye”, for anything you might need. We are proud of our city, so we want you to have the best possible experience here, no matter where you are from. After all, it is no accident that all 5 Luxury Apartments Aristotelous have an excellent 9.5/10 grade on the Booking.com platform - as you will find out for yourselves!
For us, the people of Thessaloniki, the city is its people, its alleyways, its neighbourhoods, its short walking distances. This is where we wake up every morning, enjoy our coffee and bougatsa pie with a view of the Thermaikos Gulf and the White Tower. This is where we go for walks, this is where we hang out, this is where we explore the night in the Ladadika and Vardaris quarters. Thessaloniki, the much-praised cultural capital of Greece, is good, hearty food, festivals and culturals events around the year, nights out, fun, hospitality and the generosity of its citizens. We’re expecting you!

Have a Lovely Time, Enjoy your Visit!

Aristotelous, Thessaloniki, Greece